We gather as a family each week for a time of worship that includes music, teaching, stories, kid's programming, and prayer. These gatherings are one of the ways we give expression to all of our deepest values: offering welcome and hospitality to any who would come, seeking truth, pursuing formation and growth, and extending ourselves in service and generosity locally and globally.

Our worship gatherings are held on Sundays, with coffee (and, usually, a bite to eat) at 10:00am. Worship begins at 10:30am. We meet at 1061 Ellice Avenue (Central Baptist Church). You are always welcome.

Our current teaching/sermon series explores the life of David: David the shepherd king, David the man who honored God, David the guy who royally screwed up, David who was so very human and whom God loved. Reading David's story teaches us much about how to read Jesus' story and a lot about our own life with God.